Tempur-pedic® Mattresses

Tempur-pedic® is today’s high-tech alternative to the 80-year-old innerspring mattress design. This breakthrough in sleep technology is viscoelastic, breathable and temperature sensitive. It self-adjusts to body size, using weight and heat to distribute pressure over its entire surface. This amazing material remains firm where needed and soft where desired – creating a custom fit for each individual body.

Tempur-pedic® Collection

Tempur-Pedic mattresses reduce pressure points—those spots where your body presses against the mattress (like your shoulders, hips, and heels). Pressure points trigger discomfort, so your body shifts position—otherwise known as “tossing and turning.” Without the tossing and turning, you sleep undisturbed for a calmer, more restful night.

TEMPUR-Cloud® Collection -
The softness you crave, plus the adaptive support and comfort your body needs for your best night's sleeptempur cloud indexTEMPUR-Contour® Collection -
The ultimate combination of deep contouring comfort and Tempur-Pedic's famous support.
tempur contour indexTEMPUR-Flex® Collection -
Our famous adaptive support made with a comfortable, weightless bounce.
tempur flex indexChris says; "Gone forever is the discomfort people experience with conventional spring constructions systems.  A good nights sleep is essential to good health.  I have owned this product for years and it supports my back and joints better than any other bed".


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